How to Clear Poker Bonuses

Every online poker club offers a welcome bonus. Deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and other types of incentives are available.

A deposit bonus is a type of poker bonus in which a percentage of your first deposit at a poker room is added on top of the amount you deposit.

For example, if Full Tilt Poker’s deposit bonus is 100% up to $600, a $10 deposit will result in a $10 bonus, giving you $20 to play with. Similarly, if you deposit $300, you will earn another $300 in free money, bringing your total to $600. You get my drift.

It isn’t always that straightforward, though. The majority of online poker bonuses are not immediately credited to your account when you make your initial payment. To obtain the free money and either play or withdraw it, most poker clubs need you to satisfy specific requirements.

This post will clarify these terms and show you how to obtain your entire poker bonus.

Step 1: Carefully select your poker room.

First and foremost, check the terms and conditions for clearing your poker bonus before signing up with a poker room and depositing.

Before you can claim your bonus, most poker venues require you to play a particular number of raked hands. Others will pay you your bonus in increments of $10 for every 50 raked hands you play, and so on.

There are ‘poker points’ systems in several poker rooms. You get points for the number of hands you play, the stakes you play at, the amount of time you spend at a table, and the number of tournaments you participate in.

Many sites (but not all) allow you to earn points and clear your bonus by participating in tournaments. This is a terrific strategy to clear your bonus quickly because tournament play usually earns you a higher amount of points and you don’t risk losing as much as a ring game.

Step 2: Stay within your comfort zone.

It’s tempting to strive to clear your bonus as quickly as possible by playing bigger stakes, accumulating more poker points, and obtaining your poker bonus sooner.

This is a terrible decision!

Increase your restrictions only once you’ve achieved the necessary expertise and funds. If you increase your wagering restrictions before you’re ready, you’re likely to lose your whole deposit before you even get close to claiming your bonus.

Stick to a comfortable limit, forget about attempting to pay off your bonus, and focus on the game of poker. If you’re always concerned about clearing your bonus, it will undoubtedly impair your poker playing.

Use your poker bonus carefully once you’ve received it. Consider it to be money you’ve just deposited from your hard-earned bank account. Do not consider it as if you have won free money that you may spend. If you do, you’ll probably lose your cool and make reckless decisions you wouldn’t ordinarily make.